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One-on-one nutritional, motivational and behavioral counseling up to 6 times per week in a supportive and caring environment.

Eliminate Sugar Cravings
Eat Real Foods
Transform Your Health Condition
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Individualized weight loss programs for men, women, children, vegetarians and special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, paleo, allergy, and diabetic concerns. The Healthy Way specializes in sugar addiction. We pride ourselves in customizing our program to meet your personal needs.

Lose weight the Healthy Way!

For over 30 years, The Healthy Way has set itself apart from all other weight loss companies by providing real-life solutions and achieving long-term results.

Try some of our healthy recipes …

Miracle Rice with Tofu

Miracle Rice Noodles also known as Shirataki Noodles ("White Waterfall") are translucent, gelatinous Japanese noodles typically made from the Konjac yam. This rice is naturally low in calories, and is a good source of dietary fiber. Miracle Rice with Tofu 3/4 cup= 1/2...

Thumb Print Cookies with All Fruit Jam by Julie’s Delectables

Thumb Print Cookies with All Fruit Jam by Julie’s Delectables

A delightfully buttery and delicious classic with a sweet jam filling! Serving Size: 16-18  •  Counts on HW: 1 Cookie = 1/3 Starch, ½ Fruit & 1 Fat Prep Time: 5 Minutes / Blend Time: 12-14 Minutes INGREDIENTS 1 cup Almond Flour 1 cup Oat Flour 1/3 cup Fruit Sweet...

Healthy Way Pistachio Dressing or Dip

Healthy Way Pistachio Dressing or Dip

Fresh and nutty and packed with flavor! Serving Size: 1½ Cups  •  Counts on HW Program: 2 Tbsp = 1 Fat Prep Time: 5 minutes / Blend Time: 2 minutesINGREDIENTS 1 cup water (or nut milk if preferred) 1 cup shelled pistachio nuts ¼ cup lemon juice 2 Tbsp ground flax...

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