4 Ways to Use an Ezekiel Tortilla


  1. Quesadilla:

1 string cheese

1 spoonful of Muir Glen Organic Salsa

1 Ezekiel tortilla


String the cheese on half of the tortilla, put salsa on top, fold over other half of tortilla like a taco. Microwave for 40 seconds or until melty. (1A, 1oz. pro, 1 freebie)


  1. Tostada:

1 sliced chicken breast           Spectrum Olive Oil Spray

Santa Fe Taco Mix                 ¼ cup Bearitos Black Bean Dip

Chopped lettuce                      1 Ezekiel tortilla

Diced tomato


Cook the chicken stovetop on medium heat with a spray of oil.  Add Taco mix and sauté until chicken is cooked.  Place tortilla on a dry hot pan until heated, spread bean dip on tortilla, place lettuce, tomato, and chicken on top and enjoy! (2A, 3oz. pro)


  1. 60 Second Crepe Snack

1 string cheese

1 Ezekiel tortilla

1 tsp. Bionature All Fruit Jam

Add all ingredients in the tortilla and fold in half, taco-style, microwave until melty. (1A, 1oz. pro, 1 freebie)


  1. Chips & Salsa

1 Ezekiel tortilla

Spectrum Olive Oil Spray

Muir Glen Organic Salsa


Cut tortilla lengthwise four times (for 8 triangles) place on cookie sheet with a small spray of oil, Broil on lower rack for five minutes or until crispy.  Eat with Salsa and enjoy!