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Helping People Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

Since 1986 we have pioneered a cutting-edge program based on proven principles that truly enhance wellness.  Our goal has been to assist clients in a healthy weight loss, stabilizing and balancing their individual body chemistry, as well as teaching life sustaining habits and achieving a positive body image. We believe whole nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the basic fundamentals of preventative medicine. Our clients consistently achieve an average weight loss of 2 – 4 pounds per week, and our long term success rate speaks for itself.

The Healthy Way Philosophy: Effective Nutrition Counseling + Blood Sugar Stabilization =
Life Long Success!

Individualized Counseling

What Makes the Difference

How many fad diets, pills, powders, potions, or exercise gimmicks have you tried in your lifetime? You’re not alone. If any of those things were a permanent solution, would you still be overweight? Here at The Healthy Way your success begins with our personalized support and weight loss counseling to help you address the underlying behavior causing your weight gain. Our counselors are your most critical link to reaching your goal weight and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We teach you how to eat nutritiously to lose weight and keep it off

We give you the tools you need to modify the behaviors that are keeping you overweight

We encourage you to take consistent action to reach your goals

We supply structure and accountability to keep your commitment strong

We offer non-judgemental support, especially when you feel yourself slipping

We help you to face your challenges and celebrate your milestones

We understand where you’re coming from because we’ve all been there ourselves

We educate you on the basic fundamentals of preventive medicine.

Isn’t it time to release the struggle with food and your weight once and for all? Don’t let life pass you by without finally having the lasting success of permanent weight loss. You deserve to live in the body you desire. Learn how to break free from all the barriers that have kept you stuck and overweight. Feel good in your own skin. Love your body, love yourself, and love your life. We can help make this happen!

Blood Sugar Stabilization

The Key to Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight Loss Success

Blood sugar concentration can determine how good or bad one feels. Blood sugar stabilization keeps energy up, helps control hunger and prevents mood swings. A low blood sugar level can cause irritability, fatigue, lethargy, excessive hunger, moodiness, depression and cravings for sweets — factors which can undermine success! A stable blood sugar / glucose level is the cornerstone of The Healthy Way Program and is accomplished with the following:

Individually tailored, balanced, low-glycemic meal plans and snack ideas

The exclusive Healthy Way Chewable Supplement for blood sugar stabilization

Nutritional/motivational coaching and counseling

Foods high in complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and virtually no refined sugars

Regular exercise


Health Improvements as a Result of the Healthy Way Program

Dietary system to control diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Reduces risk or improves Pre-Diabetes, Osteoarthritis of the Joints and Sleep Apnea.

May decrease depression with a more whole food diet.

In just eight weeks, 15 clients not only lost body fat, but they also benefited from overall health improvements.
Body Fat Analysis was measured by bio-electrical impedance.

body fat analysis table

We contact and consult with our clients’ physician if they have any medical issues.

Our Pledge

Good health is a priceless gift and we promise that the amount of time and energy spent learning the basic concepts of our program will give you renewed body strength, vitality, and longevity. We believe sound nutrition is the first step toward preventive medicine. At The Healthy Way we are committed to addressing your individual needs in helping you achieve healthy weight loss.

Don W. of Felton, Ca
Lost 154 lbs & 152 inches in 1989
and is still maintaining!

"Thanks to the support and guidance from the counselors at The Healthy Way, I have regained my health and my life. I have been maintaining my weight loss for more than 30 years. I’m a new man!"

Our Staff: The Team that Makes Health & Weight Loss Happen

With backgrounds in nursing, coaching, counseling, culinary, exercise and nutrition, our team of experts offer the weight loss support, accountability and knowledge to help you reach your goals. All Healthy Way counselors have typically first been Healthy Way clients. Professional and well educated, they know what it takes to achieve radiant health and the body you desire.

The Healthy Way Staff
Cheri Bianchini


RN, BSN, PHN, Founder of The Healthy Way

A leader in the field of weight management and healthy lifestyle since 1986, Cheri Bianchini founded The Healthy Way, Inc. and has dedicated her career to helping others get the most out of their lives. Formerly a Nurse Manager at Stanford Medical Center, Cheri saw the consequences of unhealthy living firsthand and became motivated to do something about it. Cheri is a powerful motivational speaker, experienced health and nutrition consultant, as well as a published columnist and author of “Good Hearted Guidance, The Healthy Way.” Through her extensive knowledge and compassionate nature, Cheri has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

What keeps Cheri excited about the Healthy Way after all these years? She loves watching the many health improvements and increased self esteem that results from behavior and lifestyle changes a result of the healthy way program. “Having a client get off insulin shots, for instance or throwing away their prescription meds because the condition has resolved itself, brings me absolute joy. It happens frequently that someone comes dragging themselves through the front door ‘sick, fat and unhappy.’ Watching them regain health and smile again as a result of the program I founded, gives my life great purpose. It is an honor and privilege for me to provide services at the Healthy Way."

4 Bianchini girls

The Healthy Way 3 Generations Strong:
Cheladee, Cheri, Elana, and Eve.

Cheladee Bianchini

Cheladee Bianchini

Assistant Manager, Certified Culinary Nutrition, Holistic Health Practitioner

Cheladee has been with the Healthy Way for 30 years….actually her entire life! As the daughter of Cheri our founder, Cheladee was born and raised “The Healthy Way.” As assistant manager she wears every hat at the center. She brings her deep knowledge of plant based nutrition to our clients and has been a practicing vegan/vegetarian for well over a decade. Certified as both a culinary nutritionist and holistic health practitioner Cheladee brings a wonderful level of compassion and good listening skills to her counseling practice. She has a total understanding of the Healthy Way program and loves to get folks excited about whole food nutrition. In junior high she didn’t make the healthiest food choices (maybe rebelling?) and began to gain weight. In high school she had a real awakening to the Healthy Way food philosophy and realized the lifestyle she wanted to live. She no longer struggles and even after having a baby she has returned to her pre-baby weight no problem. Cheladee writes our monthly newsletter/video and strives to offer the most pertinent up to date information. She is instrumental in all of our cooking classes. As a new mom she brings her understanding of maternity and postpartum nutrition to her practice as a wellness coach. 

Tonya Christiansen

Tanya Christiansen

BS Nutrition, Nutrition Counselor

Tanya Christiansen has been with the Healthy Way since 2013 as both receptionist and nutrition wellness counselor. She is a graduate of San Jose State with a degree in nutrition sciences. Tanya has a vast knowledge base and loves the research aspect of Health and Wellness. She has had her challenges with extra weight over the years especially during college but has been successful at maintaining for a long time by living the Healthy Way lifestyle. Tanya is also our social media manager and has also been instrumental in the development of new programs. She is smart, current, and a diligent investigator, all with the intent of helping our clients reach and maintain their health goals. She calls herself the “Sherlock Holmes” of nutrition because she loves to find 'the why' behind an individual’s health challenges.

Cynthia Larson

Cynthia Larson

Lifestyle Coach

Cynthia Larson has over 35 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Formerly the Corporate Director at Spa Fitness Centers, Cynthia has been a senior nutrition counselor at the Healthy Way since 2005. She combines her years of expertise to bring a high level of professionalism and in depth knowledge to our clients. Cynthia is top notch with client education she is often the person you will see with consultations and initial program start ups. Cynthia has been instrumental in setting up the Healthy Way in corporate settings. She lost twenty pounds over 20 years ago and has been maintaining ever since and knows what it takes to help you do the same. Cynthia loves to be a problem solver and is the resident expert in exercise and fitness. In her free time Cynthia loves to hike with her pup Mickey and is the lead singer in a local band with a great following.


Katy Boynton

Nutrition and Wellness Counselor

Katy Boynton has been with the Healthy Way since 2005 and continues to be the most requested counselor! Katy has had a lifetime of weight challenges and brings this sensitivity with her in all client interactions. She is kind, non judgmental and an excellent listener. There isn’t an issue Katy hasn’t already heard or dealt with personally. She understands the program thoroughly and knows how to offer the support and motivation one needs to ‘get the job done.’ Her favorite thing about working at the Healthy Way is the end results…seeing the transformation the clients undergo. The grandmother of four little ones, Katy is friendly and smiles often. You feel at ease in her presence.

Julie Conway

Julie Conway

Operations Coordinator  - The Healthy Way

Julie Conway has been the front desk office coordinator since 2005 and wears many hats at the Healthy Way. Her warm and friendly personality, along with her infectious laugh makes her a beloved presence in the center. She is our product specialist and knows how to make “cardboard” taste great. As our product buyer, Julie researches the newest, best whole food health items available items. From recipe development to creative kitchen solutions, Julie is a fabulous cook and can adjust your favorite recipes to be more health promoting. The mother of two young children, Julie shares the challenges of the working parent and how to create healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy in the quickest easiest time frame. 


Treana Ferraro

Ops & Social Media Coordinator

Treana Ferraro is a student at Bastyr University working on her Masters of Science in Integrative Nutrition. She also holds her Bachelors degree in Business administration and general psychology. She stumbled upon The Healthy Way while looking for a mentor in the nutrition field. Her interests are within the health and wellness realm, such as natural healing modalities and fitness. She is a Pilates and 200 hour yoga instructor. Treana is so excited to be part of the team!



Healthy Way Mascot

Rupert the Center Mascot. Not a stranger to body image issues he is a cross between a Corgi, Basset Hound and German Shepherd. Rupert offers friendly vibes and is always there for a good pat. Did you know dogs and humans both release serotonin (the feel good hormone) when they interact? Rupert is always there to make you feel good and encourage our clients with a tail wag.

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