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Lose Weight While You Sleep

Scientists now suggest that poor sleep habits may be as important as improper nutrition and physical inactivity in the development of chronic illness and obesity. Up to 70 million Americans have some sort of a sleep disturbance that can be caused by emotional,
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Sit Down & Lose Weight

Americans now eat one quarter of their meals inside their cars. Our multi-tasking, no-time-to-eat lifestyle has caused the kitchen table of yesteryear to be replaced by the car dashboard, and the phenomenon is on the rise. Ever willing to meet the
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Link to Kids Health Problems

On a recent trip to the zoo with my daughter, it was interesting to read a large sign posted near the snack bar vending machines which stated, "Do not feed this food to the animals. They may get sick and die." The zoo veterinarians know very well that
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Grandma’s Cure All

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." For years I can remember my dear old grandma starting off the day with a cup of hot water mixed with apple cider vinegar.
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The Gift

A few years ago, I was involved in an experience that had a profound effect on my life. While driving down a winding mountain road, I came upon a horrendous accident. A 25-ton semi-truck had smashed into a thousand pieces and trapped underneath it all was the driver.
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Butter vs. Margarine

Hydrogenation is a man-made technique of adding a hydrogen ion to a liquid oil, thus creating a solid product such as margarine or Crisco. The problem with this fifty-year-old technology is that it changes the molecular structure from a "cis fatty acid" to a "trans fatty acid," causing a potent carcinogenic reaction.
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