Manifesting Success in Life & Weight Loss


Our universe is abundant and all its gifts are here for us to take. We are incredibly powerful beings, capable of creating success in our lives and attracting that which we truly desire and strive for.

To help manifest your dreams and desires, here are a few principles to follow for success in life & weight loss:

  • That which you want to manifest must be in accordance with the laws of nature.
  • It cannot be at the expense of others and must seek the highest good for all.
  • It needs to be stated or visualized in the present time, as if it has already happened.
  • Manifest no more than 3 things at a time.
  • Develop a clear understanding of precisely what you desire, visualize it exactly and very specifically.
  • Visualization Practice
  • Daily practice is most successful, but a few times per week is better than nothing! You’ll need 15 to 30 minutes of undisrupted, awake time (no falling asleep!).

Step 1: Breathing Exercise
· Breath deeply into your belly and hold until it’s no longer comfortable.
· Gather all negative feelings and attach them to the breath to be released.
· Exhale.
· Repeat 5 to 7 times in succession.

Step 2: Muscle Relaxation
· Start with your feet—tighten for a moment—release.
· Move up the body . . . calves—tighten—release.
· Thighs, hips, belly—tighten—release.
· Next, chest, arms, raise shoulders—tighten—release.
· Finally, tighten facial muscles and release.

Step 3: Your Safe Spot
· Visualize yourself sitting in an environment that gives you peace and joy.
· See the beautiful surroundings, the color of the sky, feel the temperature on your skin and listen to every sound, even to your heartbeat.
· Breathe in, smell and feel the scene—be one with it.

Step 4: Manifesting Bubble
· While relaxing in your safe spot, visualize a huge circle. Visually divide the circle into 3 sections, as if you’re cutting a pie into thirds. (Or it could have 2 sections, or just be 1 huge circle.) Each section could focus on one area such as health, career, a relationship, or whatever you’d like to manifest, however, no more than 3 areas.
· Focusing on one area at time, see exactly what you desire in crystal-clear detail and pull it toward you so that it’s closer and closer into view. Thank the universe for providing you with that which you wish to manifest.
· Do this for each of the areas. Then give more gratitude for the abundance NOW and see the circle be wrapped in a transparent bubble. Clinch your left fist and see the bubble, with the circle inside, go up into the sky. Look up and watch the bubble fade as it gets smaller and smaller the higher it gets.

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Cheladee Bianchini