Healthy Way Programs

Programs as low as $34.95/week!

We offer individualized weight loss programs, for men, women, children, vegetarians, and those with special dietary needs such as: gluten-free, food allergies, and sugar addiction concerns. The Healthy Way specializes in blood sugar control. We have had dramatic results improving diabetic and cholesterol issues. We pride ourselves in customizing our program to meet your personal needs. We offer support in person, by phone or virtually. Healthy Way is available everywhere!

Weight Loss Services

We offer a free consultation to determine your specific needs and cost of program. Call, email or stop by for more information. We have weight loss services to fit every budget. Learn more about our programs and services below:

the healthy way counseling

Initial Visit and Program Start-Up

Development of an individualized weight loss plan
Thorough evaluation of medical, nutritional and personal histories
Lifestyle review and complete body measurements
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) evaluation
Initial body composition analysis test ($50 value)
“Before” and “After” photos
Starter kit of initial materials and products
Exercise recommendations

Ongoing Individualized Check-ins

One-on-one coaching and counseling sessions up to 6 days per week for motivation, support, behavior modification, education and guidance
Body composition testing at every 10 lbs lost or every 6 weeks
The Healthy Way exclusive supplements for blood sugar stabilization and appetite control
Personalized food plan designed for 2 – 4 lbs per week average weight loss
Ongoing assessment of eating patterns and how foods affect your body
Meal planning, recipe ideas and strategies for dining out and social events
Health condition monitoring (hypertension, blood sugar, etc.)
Mentoring, goal setting and ongoing support

Excelleration Plus

All NEW Custom Plans geared to wake up your metabolism and insure weight-loss success—even when faced with fluid retention, sugar cravings, slow metabolism, inflammation, and/or food allergies.

Get Lasting Results!

Behavior and Lifestyle Changes as a Result of The Healthy Way Program

Proof positive our program works....
Look at the statistics from previous clients:

THW Brochure Graph opt

Failure Rate of Those Who “Diet on Their Own” as surveyed by the National Institutes of Health

Failure rate of people who diet on their own

Long-term success rate of Healthy Way clients.

(Based on 2 years after completing the program: More than half of clients are within 5 lbs. of weight they originally lost at The Healthy Way!)

long term success rate

Weight Maintenance Services

transition phase meal plan

Transition Phase:

4 weeks

Transitioning from a weight loss program to a life-long eating plan is an extremely effective way to insure permanent success!

  • Individualized counseling sessions 1 time per week
  • Offers ongoing support, motivation, education and guidance
  • Assures follow-through and accountability
  • Customized maintenance food plant to support and promote optimal health
  • Includes a systematic increase of calories and new food choices to stabilize weight and ensure success

**Must have completed The Healthy Way Weight Loss Program to be eligible

The Healthy Way Maintenance Program:

6 Month Plan (13 Visits) or Save More with our 1 year plan (26 visits)

  • Must have first completed Transition Phase to be eligible
  • Individualized bi-weekly (every other week) counseling sessions for support motivation and guidance
  • Personalized program adjustment as needed
  • Includes Body Composition Test Every Other Month ($50 value)


If maintaining within the designated 5lb range (as determined at the onset of transition and on the Healthy Way scale), receive a $15/$25 reward to be used toward program or products.

weekly meal plan

Additional Services

Body Composition Analysis Testing

Through the use of computerized electrolipogram (ELG) technology, learn your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), water content, percentages of muscle and body fat, and receive recommendations regarding ideal ranges for your body type. (A $50 value, included in the program.)

Cooking Classes

Come and join us for food preparation classes that you will love. Featuring delicious recipes that follow the Program. Included in these fun, informative classes are: shopping tips, nutrition education and food samplings. Be sure to come with an appetite!

Wellness Package

Receive personalized attention to develop a long-term plan to promote vitality, health and wellness. This is a comprehensive initial visit and one follow session with a Healthy Way Nutrition Counselor, designed for those without weight to lose and/or those wishing to learn more about low-glycemic nutrition.

Services Include:

  • One Body composition analysis test ($50.00 value)
  • Assessment of current food/lifestyle situation
  • Individualized food plan to promote and maintain vitality and wellness
  • A variety of written materials

Healthy Way Essential Program

Receive all the benefits of our on-site Healthy Way Program “virtually.” Designed for those who want weight loss from the comfort of their own home near or far. You can still enjoy the benefits of long-term weight loss through zoom, FaceTime or telephone.

B12 Injections

Everyone can benefit from a B12 injection, especially those who live a busy lifestyle, athletes, seniors, vegetarians/vegans, chronic dieters and people on prescription medications. Available in a single shot or save more with our buy 6 get one free punch card!

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For over 35 years, The Healthy Way has set itself apart from all other weight loss companies by providing real-life solutions and achieving long-term results. Watch our 30th Anniversary video here!

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