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The Healthy Way Online Weight Loss Program

Our Online Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Evaluation/review of medical, nutritional, personal and lifestyle histories.
  • Starter kit of initial products and written materials.
  • Analysis of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).
  • Recommendations of goal weight/body fat percentage and exercise.
  • Individualized counseling by phone, Skype, or email one time per week.
  • The exclusive Healthy Way supplements for blood sugar stabilization and appetite control.
  • Personalized food plan customized for your specific weight loss.
  • On-going assessment of eating/exercise routines.
  • Meal planning, recipe ideas and strategies for dining out.
  • Motivational coaching and assessment of food journaling.
  • Mentoring, goal setting and on-going support.

It’s easy to start The Healthy Way Online Weight Loss Program and begin losing weight fast!

Upon Signing up for our Online Weight Loss Program you will:

  • Begin the Metabolic Adjustment Cleansing Diet (you will receive the diet and get instructions online)
  • Have a phone interview to customize your individual weight loss program
  • Discuss your blood sugar risk assessment
  • Determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

PLEASE NOTE: The Online Program is NOT available to those who reside within a 25 mile radius of a Healthy Way center.

Kathy of Port Townsend, Washington lost 25lbs/40 inches exclusively on the Healthy Way Internet program.

Online Weight Loss Program Pricing*

Pounds Lost Duration of Program Internet Pricing
1- 10 lbs. 4 weeks $30.00/wk
11-20 lbs. 8 weeks $29.50/wk
21-30 lbs. 12 weeks $29.00/wk
31-40 lbs. 16 weeks $28.50/wk
41-50 lbs. 20 weeks $28.00/wk
51-60 lbs. 24 weeks $27.50/wk
61-70 lbs. 28 weeks $27.00/wk
71-80 lbs. 32 weeks $26.50/wk
81-90 lbs. 36 weeks $26.00/wk
91-100 lbs. 40 weeks $24.95/wk

*Internet fees above do not include one-time registration of $149.00 (includes shipping and handling).