Client Testimonials

“Hottie” Grandma Loses Lbs!

“I never imagined that I would be a ‘hottie’ ever again. I am a grandmother and my grandkids are the reason why I lost the weight. I want to be there for them and losing almost 50 lbs has given me a new lease on life. As a nurse and a senior I know that getting into the golden years being heavy is the prescription for trouble!

“I’m enjoying shopping again and how I look in clothes. I used to wear whatever would go around me! Now, it’s a joy to be stylish!

“It’s been a long struggle with my weight and because of the excellent guidance, accountability and support I received at The Healthy Way, I feel 20 years younger and my friends tell me I look younger as well.”

— Anita M of Santa Cruz, CA

Lost 44 lbs & 63 inches