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YoYo Dieter No More

“I have struggled horribly with my weight my entire life. Through the years, I have volleyed back-and-forth between either starving myself for days at a time, or exercising myself to the point of exhaustion just so that I could eat something without feeling guilty. During all those years of struggle, I must have tried every diet program on the planet at least once or twice, but could never manage to stick with anything in the long term–which would only lead me back to either starving or over-exercising–depending on my mood at the time.

“Crazy as that behavior sounds, I managed to get through most of my life that way without appearing to the outside world to have much of a weight problem. My weight struggles were my little secret–until my early forties, when I decided to go to law school. Working full-time by day, and attending law school by night, left little time for my manic workout sessions. Starving myself gave me no fuel for my brain, and a brain without fuel would not help me pass my law school classes. I had to eat so that I could think. On top of that, there were always some “bad carbs” and lots of caffeine available at the law school to keep the students awake and alert through our late night classes. Gummy bears, pretzels, Diet Coke, and strong coffee were my personal favorites.

“Luckily, I did graduate from law school. Unfortunately, I managed to gain about 30 pounds throughout the process. I told myself I would immediately start getting the weight off as soon as I graduated. Six months later, I just didn’t understand why my old “tricks” weren’t working the way they used to….so I called the Healthy Way for assistance.

“Happily, not only did the Healthy Way help me to get rid of those unwanted pounds, they also helped me to get rid of some bad habits from years of dieting in all the wrong ways. I no longer consume caffeine, sugar or diet sodas, and I feel great!

“Once I got the weight off, I was determined not to gain it back again. I immediately joined the maintenance program and have already kept the weight off for almost one year! I have no fear that I will gain back the weight thanks to the helpful guidance and loving support I get from the staff at the Healthy Way. This program is one that I can easily stick with for the rest of my life. I am so grateful that I found the Healthy Way!”

— Jennifer of Scotts Valley, CA

Lost 26 lbs & 45.5 inches!
Lost 26 lbs & 45.5 inches!