Client Testimonials

No More Eating My Feelings Away

“I ate for all kinds of reasons. To cheer myself up. To calm myself down. To not feel alone. To release stress. I was what you’d call an emotional eater. I love the WAS part, because I am not an emotional eater any more!

“It’s been almost 20 years since I was a client on the weight loss program at The Healthy Way. They taught me how to look at food differently and to not EAT my emotions!! It was a true lifestyle change for me and freedom from unconscious eating. All these years, The Healthy Way has been an incredible anchor for me, there to support and encourage me. I went through the program many years ago, but the education I received there has continued to stay with me. Now I come in to get some of their fantastic products or just say hello to the wonderful counselors, who are now dear friends to me.

“At The Healthy Way, I learned to make food my friend, as well. I found that balance and know what normal is for me…physically, mentally and emotional balance. I don’t deny myself anything! I am still a sensitive person and I’ve learned to bring more positivity into my life. I’ve found joy in my body again and I know I will continue to, till the day I die!! I’ve changed on a fundamental level, a true transformation. If I can do it, I promise you, you can do it too.. with the help of The Healthy Way”

— Kathryn of Aptos, CA

Kathryn of Aptos
Lost 25 lbs & 39 inches & has kept it off since 1999!