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Lisa NB of Santa Cruz

I am so so happy I found this program! At almost 60 I started the Healthy Way and it was amazing to be able to be going through menopause and be able to get the weight off!

I am a former fitness trainer and it has been my career to know about health. I could exercise my butt off eat less but I couldn’t control my weight as well as a result of menopause and the hormone changes that come with it. The Healthy Way Program is great for anyone with an active or sedentary lifestyle as it is customized to the individual! Especially now with the challenges of 2020 I have been able to continue to have a net loss as I stick with the program thanks to the consistent counseling. I recommend the Healthy Way to individuals who have a hard a time with weight loss as a result of age, activity level, and motivation. The counselors are kind, educated, and always there for me!”

– Lisa