Client Testimonials

Doctor & Scientist Learns Healthy Eating is Best


“After years of slowly watching my weight creep up as I got past 50 years old, I was horrified to finally see the scale hit 170 pounds! I’d had some athletic injuries and couldn’t exercise for awhile, as well as taking a medication that really put on the pounds rapidly.

“I’d never really been on a diet plan before and didn’t know where to start. For several years, I’d heard the local KPIG radio DJ , Ralph Anybody rave about all the weight he had lost at The Healthy Way, so I thought I’d do some investigating. I looked over their website and saw that they offered a sensible approach to eating and weight loss, which appealed to me as a doctor and scientist. I went in for a free consultation and liked what the counselor had to say. We made a plan and I started the next day.

“Though the initial cleanse phase of the program was a bit difficult for me, since it was so different from what I had been eating, it really helped me to focus on more vegetables and a healthier approach to carbs. The program was easy to follow, actually easier than I had expected!

“Despite a number of major life stressors, I’ve maintained my loss now for over a year. The maintenance program has been as helpful as was the weight loss phase. I have recommended the program to friends, who have also been very successful.

“Thank you everyone at The Healthy Way!!!”

— Marlene of Santa Cruz, CA

Lost 26 lbs & 58 inches!