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Weight Loss Saves International Singer Sista Monica

“In 2002 when I first weighed in I was 280 lbs. Altogether, I lost 75 pounds using The Healthy Way methods for success. With the weight gone, I was able to feel the lump under my right armpit that was diagnosed as Synovial Sarcoma cancer. In the past, my body fat inhibited my ability to discover it. My doctor said it might have been in my body for approximately 2 – 3 years.

“Studies indicate that women with extra weight are at risk for many diseases. In my case, my heart, cholesterol, sugar diabetes were all brought under control through this weight loss program. With the consistent visits to the center, adherence to the weight loss journal writing, taking the supplements to stabilize blood sugar levels, encouragement to eat properly, and having a team of counselors to listen to my struggles, I was actually guided into successful weight loss.

“I still apply the recommended exercise and eating program and I am maintaining my weight loss. Now with a strong body and endurance, I can tackle and win my battle with cancer. Cheri and her staff at The Healthy Way have always insisted upon exercise, movement and healthy eating. I do appreciate the time and effort the counselors spent with me. The result is that I am able to fight this disease with more confidence in my body, my mind and my spirit. Thank you so much for your love and support. The Healthy Way Works!”

UPDATE: Sadly Sista Monica passed away in 2014. We miss her and wish her God speed.

— Sista Monica (singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Visit her website at

Lost 75 lbs!
Lost 75 lbs!