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Over 100 Pound Weight Loss in 9 Months!

“I lost 109 pounds in 9 months and originally wanted to look better, but was surprised to feel 10 years

younger!! The symptoms I felt that I attributed to age and menopause went away when I started The Healthy Way weight loss program. I’ve been dieting all my life and this feels sane. It is not a temporary measure. I feel new, different and permanently changed in my food behaviors.

“I am a new person and I have been maintaining my weight loss for over two years now. The Healthy Way counselors made all the difference in the world for me.”

— Pam of Bonny Doon, CA
Lost 109 lbs & 127.75 inches!

Before & After
“Thanks to all the counselors and staff at The Healthy Way — they were invaluable in helping me to reach my goals!”
— Pam