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Ralph Anybody of KPIG Radio Fame

“I come from an Italian background and needless to say, food was big in our household when I was growing up. I was known as the fat kid in junior high, 50 pounds overweight at age 13 and buying my clothes in the husky department. As I got into my adult years, my weight continued to go up. When I started working as a DJ at KPIG, I was about 250 pounds, and since it’s a very sedentary job, I was not getting a lot of exercise…and when they moved me to mornings that really messed up my sleeping and eating habits…and I continued to gain.

“I had tried many things over the years in the quest to lose weight. You name it, I tried it!!! I’d have limited results and the pounds always came back, generally with a vengence. My all-time high was 325 pounds!!! I was absolutely miserable!! I felt and looked like the “Michelan Man”….. bloated, tired, low energy and having difficulty with basic bodily functions. Worst of all, my blood pressure and cholesterol were both dangerously high and the doctor had to put me on a variety of medications.

“Needless to say, my family was really worried about my health and so was I. At 50 years old, I was headed on a collision course, but I didn’t know what to do about it, since I’d failed so many times in the past. I was feeling really hopeless and pretty much praying for a miracle.

“And that’s exactly what happened!! Cheri Bianchini, the founder of The Healthy Way and a registered nurse, walked into the KPIG headquarters (better known as the “Sty”) to record a radio commercial of an affiliate station and I was the producer of the spot. “I heard her talk about The Healthy Way program, the documented long- term success rate they’ve prided themselves on for over 25 years and that 2 to 4 pounds per week was a typical loss. I told her that if I did the program then I could do testimonials for her on the radio and let others in the same situation know there is a way!

“I saw this as quite the Divine Appointment!

“I was starting the program within a few days of that meeting, and thank God I did, as I know it’s saved my life!! “Within the first 2 weeks I had lost 10 pounds and I was eating and feeling better than I had in years!! It’s all history now!! I’ve lost over 100 pounds and as many inches. I’ll never forget the day the weight loss counselors outstretched one tape measure after another to visually show me how many inches I had shed!! I’d lost the entire length of their lobby!! About 9 feet of fat!!

“With their encouragement, knowledge and effective strategies, I have completely transformed my relationship with food. I’ve learned how to maintain my weight in a healthy range and I no longer have the need for medications. For the first time in my life, I feel stronger than the food.

“I am now the official “Ambassador” of The Healthy Way and sing their praises daily on my radio show. It gives me great pleasure when I go into the Healthy Way office and meet KPIG listeners who have been inspired by my success. Cheri did the math and counted up all the weight lost by all the people who are doing the program because of hearing about it on KPIG, and collectively they’ve lost 1374 pounds! That number of unwanted pounds continues to grow everyday!!!

“Ironically, the DJ’s refer to themselves and the listeners as “Pigs”! So it does sound funny on the radio when I say that “I saw some of you Pigs at the Healthy Way”! And they’re all squealing with delight! “It’s a big ol’ goofy world!”

— Ralph Anybody

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Ralph of KPIG Success Story
Lost 110 lbs & 9 feet of fat, and counting!