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Combats Negative Self Talk & Loses Weight

“I am very grateful to Healthy Way for guiding me and supporting me through the life change that has allowed me to finally succeed in my weight loss goal. For many, many years I have struggled to understand how I could obsess about losing weight and improving my health and yet not achieve it, when in most other areas of my life I can set my mind to it and get the results Iā€™m looking for. But finally the team at Healthy Way helped me to understand the science of weight loss, they taught me how to combat the negative self-talk and they assisted me every step of the way. I can now go hiking with my husband which means we spend really quality time together again.”

ā€” Sheryll of Santa Cruz, CA
Lost 42.5 lbs & 65.75 inches!

Before & After
“My life, not just my body, has changed in the most wonderful ways and I owe it all to Healthy Way.”
ā€” Sheryll