Client Testimonials

Guilt-Free Weight Loss

“I was an overweight child, teen and adult. I had feebly tried losing weight on my own before, without success. I couldn’t bring myself to join a weight loss program because it felt like an admission of guilt.

“Eventually, the pressure of graduate school and my first year teaching caused me to stress eat and my weight rose to 209 lbs. I developed knee problems, and the doctor indicated that my weight was most likely aggravating the problem, if not causing it.

“Finally, my father had gallbladder surgery, a very painful experience for him, and he advised me to do something about my weight before I had to face the same situation.

“I turned to The Healthy Way for help, and the constant support and steady results amazed me. The counselors taught me how to listen to my body and understand why I stress-eat, and how to prevent it through stabilizing my blood sugar. I learned about nutrition, how to read labels, and how to make healthy food choices, even when I eat out.

“The weight loss program wasn’t difficult to learn or follow, and helped me to manage the stress of being a busy teacher. The Healthy Way empowered me to independently manage my weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and think positively about my body.”

— Stephanie of Aptos, CA

Lost 54.5 lbs & 82.75 inches!
Lost 54.5 lbs & 82.75 inches!