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A Weight Loss Affair

“I came into The Healthy Way pretty much because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!! I have a physically active job and 3 sons to keep up with. Almost 50 extra pounds on me was really taking it’s toll. I started having success right away with the program and my wife and boys all joined in with better food choices too. We made it a family affair. I checked in regularly with the counselors at the weight loss center, who guided me every step of the way and made the process really quite easy. In no time I had lost all my excess weight. It turned back the clock a decade. My wife was also successful at weight loss and as a result, our shopping and cooking patterns are changed forever. My boys have changed their habits too. It was a great experience for all of us. Thank you Healthy Way!!”

— Wade of Scotts Valley, CA
Lost 47 lbs & 68.5 inches!

Before & After
“I feel better, sleep better and feel way younger!”
— Wade