The Gift


A few years ago, I was involved in an experience that had a profound effect on my life. While driving down a winding mountain road, I came upon a horrendous accident. A 25-ton semi-truck had smashed into a thousand pieces and trapped underneath it all was the driver. From the wreckage he was able to grab my hand. Struggling for air, the driver begged, “Don’t leave me.” I assured him I would stay by his side. All my years as an ICU nurse made for an easy assessment. This man wasn’t going to make it!

I asked his name. “Ron,” he whispered. I said, “Who do you love?”… “Lori, my wife and Dana, my baby,” he answered. With our hands tightly clutched, we prayed together. I told him I thought it was a good day to die and not to be scared.

I watched as he took his last breath. I felt him leave. As I held this strange dead man’s hand, while knee deep in mud along the side of the road, I found myself experiencing a state of Bliss! I felt surrounded by light and a voice echoed in my head. I heard the words, “You are never alone. Even when you think you are, you are not and when you die, thousands of hands will reach for you. They reach out for everyone! There is a divine plan and reason for everything. Just Trust. Trust the process.”

I will forever be grateful for my encounter with Ron, because in his dying, I have become more alive. The truth is, each one of us really only has just this moment in time, so we had better do it, say it, and be it today, because tomorrow is promised to no one. So stop waiting until you lose 10 pounds, until you find the right mate, until you pay off all the bills, until winter is over—to realize the time is NOW. Set your fears aside, live like there’s no tomorrow and be more compassionate to everyone you encounter, starting with yourself. Trust in the gift of the present moment.

—Cheri Bianchini, RN, PHN
© 2012, Cheri Bianchini. All rights reserved.

Blog Image: © Rick Ruggles, Photographer.

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